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Third Posting on Nov 22

Here's the third chapter, I hope it's coherent enough to be entertaining!

Thank you for your patience and interest.


Jelsemium's Progress Report

^^ Start of the Third Post:

Eddie felt let down for a moment, then almost laughed at herself because her horror movie scenario had suddenly turned into Heroes. Then she remembered what happened to some of those heroes and the situation lost some of its humor.

She shoved that thought out of her mind and stepped forward a little. 'Remember, he's as scared of you as you are of him... I hope.'

The young Asian with the raspy voice did look rather nervous. Eddie doubted that he was really afraid of her, though. Not physically. She was all of four feet eleven inches tall in her stocking feet and while her boots had heels on, they didn't elevate her by much.

Eddie did admit to herself that her graying hair and sharp featured face might put a person in mind of a witch from the tales of the Brothers Grimm, so she put the pleasantest expression in her repertoire on her face.

He blinked at her a few times and tentatively returned her smile. He was dressed in tech geek casual... Wrangler stone washed blue jeans, high top Converse sneakers with heel lights, a green and grey plaid flannel over shirt and a tee shirt with what looked like a map of the London Underground Subway.

Or maybe it was a technical diagram. It was hard to tell through the fog.

"Hi," Eddie said.

"Hello," he said. In person, his voice was a lot more pleasant than it had been over the intercom, Eddie noted. "I'm Wang Lung."

Edna grinned.

Wang Lung added. "No, it's not my wedding day."

Eddie nodded. "Okay. But don't think I'm mocking you when I tell you that my name is Edna Buck."

Wang Lung blinked a few times. "Not Pearl Buck?"

"Nope," she replied. "I wish I was that talented at writing." She had tried her hand at fan fiction and even National Novel Writing Month, but so far she had not produced anything that she could sell.

Wang Lung grinned and the wattage seemed to thin the fog out. "Welcome to the Speedy, Dependable Kangaroo Group, Edna Pearl Buck," he said. "I'd give you the grand tour, but I'd probably get fired for that."

Eddie winced. Then she smiled back. "Thank you," she said. "I'm sorry for intruding like this."

Wang Lung shrugged. "There are worse ways to intrude," he said. "Let's take a look at that tire." He walked around the car, studying all four tires. After coming to the damaged front right tire, he crouched down and studied it for a few minutes.

"I suppose you won't be shocked to learn that you have a flat tire," Wang Lung said whimsically.

"I was shocked, but that came much earlier in the evening," she replied. "Any idea what happened? I know it wasn't a blow out or I would not have made it across the freeway in one piece."

"If I were to guess, which not surprisingly, I am about to do, I would say that that you ran over a nail or screw at some point," Wang Lung said. "It's definitely a slow leak." He rolled his eyes at the obviousness of his statement. "Especially as we've already established that the tire is flat and it wasn't a blow out."

Eddie thought that Wang Lung was trying to cheer her up. It was working pretty well, too, she decided. "Any chance that you can change it?" Eddie asked.

"I suppose it's in my capability," Wang Lung said. "However, I lack the proper equipment, mainly a suitable replacement tire. We have tires for trucks, but as far as I know, we have nothing that will fit your car, or any regular passenger car for that matter."

"Oh," Eddie said.

Wang Lung muttered something about liability insurance under his breath, but Eddie decided to ignore that.

"Can I call the Auto Club from here?" she asked.

Wang Lung hesitated. "Um, I'm sorry, but I'm not supposed to let anybody in here when I am the only one on site," he confessed. "Technically, I should not have let you in through the gates, but I couldn't bring myself to leave you stranded out here on a nasty night like this."

Eddie smiled at him. "You have no idea how much I appreciate that," she said.

"You are quite welcome," Wang Lung said. He hesitated a few moments. "In the morning, one of our mechanics can change your tire for you." He smiled encouragingly. "It would actually be better because I'm sure that Armstrong could bring in a regular tire and the Auto Club would only put on that donut for you."

"Oh, good point," Eddie said. She hesitated. "So, is calling a taxi cab out, also?"

Wang Lung made a wry face. "I don't think any taxi would even come out here in this fog," he said apologetically. "I'm here for the night, myself. I was planning to nap in one of the meeting rooms or maybe the first aid station. However, we have a ladies lounge where you can doss down for the night."

Eddie sighed with relief. "Well, that's better than wandering around all night," she said. "Is there a phone I can use to call my mom?"

Wang Lung squinted at her in surprise. Eddie supposed it wouldn't have occurred to him that a woman of her age would need to call her mommy.

"Um, sure," he said. "I guess that will be all right. Come on in, and bring anything you need. We shouldn't keep coming out here." He looked around nervously, as if expecting something nasty to pop out of the fog.

Eddie coudn't blame him. She had a cold feeling on the back of her neck that she kept trying to convince herself was merely fog. However, she couldn't help thinking there was something around that was watching them and waiting for... something.

She said none of this. Instead, she merely nodded and walked around to her trunk. She punched the button on her remote key inserted the key, twisted it and popped the trunk of the Yellow Maverick.

She had an over night kit in her car that she always carried when she went long distances on her job hunt. She brought the whole thing out, even though she really didn't feel like putting on her pajamas. However, there was a change of underwear that she would probably want in the morning, as well as a toothbrush, toothpaste and a more comfortable set of casual clothing.

She was currently wearing her job hunting powder blue suit with a white, long sleeved blouse that had roses embroidered on the collar. In her backpack, she had (in addition to a change of underwear) blue jeans, a lavender short sleeved tee shirt with a silver foil unicorn on it, a white, long sleeved shirt that she'd bled for at the last Red Cross blood drive, and a lavender floral flannel shirt.

She also had comfortable walking shoes (actually blue Champion shoes, no less) so she didn't have to spend the night in her high heeled interview shoes.

She paused a moment to grab her blue and white ski jacket, her travel coffee mug, an astrology themed beach towel that she kept in the back seat for emergencies, and a bottle of overpriced spring water.

"Allow me to carry something," Wang Lung said. He held his hand out and she handed over her backpack.

Having a hand free made her decide to grab the spider plant and her stuffed doggie. The spider plant because she didn't want to expose it to the cold overnight and the stuffed doggie for some moral support.

"Lay on, Mac Duff," she said.

"Once more, dear friends, into the breech!" Wang Lung replied in stentorian tones. ^^



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Nov. 24th, 2008 12:03 am (UTC)
It was past my bed time last night so I was quickly reading it and didn't get time to comment.

Had to smile at the "Heroes" reference.

Anyway a great chapter and I await the next part.

Mary (your faithful reader LOL)
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