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Save NaNoWriMo!

If 10% of all NaNoers donated 10 dollars, NaNoWriMo would make enough money to cover all their expenses for 2008.

They've only got 5.86% so far and are falling short of their needed 350 thousand. (They're at 3.09 thousand.)

I don't want to see them fall short of their goal.

However, if you cannot spare ten dollars, do not feel bad. There is a Donating While Broke link on the "About" page at NaNoWriMo. You can donate to NaNo by using the GoodSearch search engine.

You can donate part of the proceedings if/when you auction items off at eBay.

However, if you CAN spare ten dollars, then I strongly urge, plead, beg even for you to help out. Think how bleak November will be with no National Novel Writing Month!

Third Posting on Nov 22

Here's the third chapter, I hope it's coherent enough to be entertaining!

Thank you for your patience and interest.


Jelsemium's Progress Report

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Second post, contains parts of chapt 1 & 2

Second Post, sorry for the delay, I was playing catch up!

Warning, this is unedited. I may have some notes to myself and it's certainly more verbose than my usual style. (Note the constant reference to the YELLOW Maverick, as if there was more than one in the story...

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NaNo 2008 - Help Desk

Day One: Saturday, November 1st
Chapter One – The Zig Zag of Light up the Dark Mountain

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

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